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title Art Themes and Decorations
author Pietro Liuzzo
description Encoding of decorations in manuscripts, and creation of authority lists for decorations.
language en
institution Universität Hamburg
format workshop

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EpiDoc, TEI for Inscriptions and Papyri
EpiDoc, TEI for Inscriptions and Papyri Inscriptions and digital editions of inscriptions The EpiDoc specificities, customization and documentation Community and shared software (XSLT)
EpiDoc, TEI for Inscriptions and Papyri
EpiDoc, TEI for Inscriptions and Papyri Inscriptions and digital editions of inscriptions The EpiDoc specificities, customization and documentation Community and shared software (XSLT)
EpiDoc training in Uppsala for Middle Karaim Manuscripts
Introduction into TEI XML and possibilities of encoding manuscripts.
Certainty, Precision, Structure and Abbreviations
Presentation of encoding strategies of certainty, precision, text structures and abbreviations.
Authority lists, Vocabularies and Shared External Resources
Usage of authority lists, creating apparatus criticus in EpiDoc, usage of Zotero bibliography tool.
Lacunae, Verse, Named Entities
EpiDoc encoding of lacunae, verses, words, names, and places.
Beta Maṣāḥǝft Training Modules
The training is designed to provide an overview of TEI XML, and specifically of the encoding practices of the project Beta Maṣāḥǝft.
Introduction to XML
What is XML, what it is useful for, basic terminology, example markup of bibliography. Contains some simple exercises.
Introduction to TEI
The module delivers information on TEI, TEI guidelines, and community, and on the possibility of more precision obtained with TEI.
Beta maṣāḥǝft Guidelines for relationships
The module describes how different entities are related to one another across the hierarchy of the TEI files.
Using the Zotero Bibliography and the HLC Styles
The module covers all standard uses of Zotero related to BM: importing data, reusing it, encoding references and citations, features of the visualization in the website.
Getting text From Transkribus
Using the model, aligning transcription, running HTR, exporting.
The concept of a Place, an example based on Ethiopia. The structure of Place and Repositories record. How occurrences of places and persons in texts are annotated.
Introduction to the Beta maṣāḥǝft Schema
Introduction to the ODD (One Document Does it all), the TEI modules, XPath.
Using taxonomy and authority files
Taxonomy, use of the authority file.
Persons encoding and description
The structure of a Person record, annotation of persons in text.
TEI for Manuscripts cataloguing
Beta maṣāḥǝft Guidelines on Manuscripts and general structure of manuscript records
Introduction to the structure of <teiHeader>, including physical description and binding.
Encoding of manuscripts' content and textual units
IIIF storage and presentation of images, how to encode links to images.
Using GitHub (Atom and GitHub Desktop)
Distributed Scholarly Work: Collaboration and Citability
Forms of scholarly interactions made better by the web, Minimal computing, Nanopublications
Taking a tour in the Online Lexicon Linguae Aethiopicae
Th module shows different functionalities and views in the application.
Create Your Textbook from TEI EpiDoc (workshop)
Encode Winter School Würzburg
ENCODE DGLE Workshop 2021
The Workshop has been organized as part of the first Multiplier Event of the ENCODE Project and deals mainly with the EpiDoc xml language, Digital Epigraphy and Papyrology, the use of XML editors (Oxygen) and publishing tools (EFES)
UniBo Digital Lab
The Laboratorio Digitale per le Fonti Classiche has been organized within the Master in History and Oriental Studies of the University of Bologna and deals with the digital encoding (mainly in EpiDoc) and publication of digital corpora of inscriptions, papyri and other ancient sources (in EFES) Academic Year 2021/22, 03.02.2022-04.03.2022
Understanding Web Pages and HTML
Introduction to HTML and the web pages it structures.
Digital approaches to Juristic Papyrology
Encode Winter School (Würzburg)
3D scanning and imaging
In these tutorials, the main approaches to 3D scanning and imaging of physical objects are presented
Introduction to
The presentation contains a short introduction to and to the encoding of papyri through Leiden+. It was held during the ENCODE Digital Epigraphy Workshop (University of Parma, 24th-27th May 2022)
ENCODE Digital Papyrology Workshop Parma
The Workshop offers an intensive training in Digital Papyrology and Leiden+ syntax and an introduction to Linguistic Annotation of Greek documentary papyri, with the presentation of projects and specific issues

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dc:title Art Themes and Decorations
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