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title Digital Written Artefacts
author Pietro Maria Liuzzo
licence Property of Universität Hamburg
description Master in Manuscript Cultures
date 2020/04/20–2020/07/16
language en
institution Universität Hamburg
exercise yes
literature yes
format Seminar
medium Zoom
location Universität Hamburg

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Alpheios et sim.
Intervento di Pietro Liuzzo per il corso di Didattica del Greco del Prof. Massimo Magnani Parte del progetto Bridging the <gap> in Ancient Writing Cultures: ENhance COmpetences in the Digital Era. Modulo di competenze digitali specifiche di base.
ENCODE DGLE Workshop 2021
The Workshop has been organized as part of the first Multiplier Event of the ENCODE Project and deals mainly with the EpiDoc xml language, Digital Epigraphy and Papyrology, the use of XML editors (Oxygen) and publishing tools (EFES)
Poinikastas and AIO
This module explains the search functions offered by the Poinikastas Database, which contains archaic Greek inscriptions, and the AIO Database (Attic Inscriptions Online), which offers the English translation of Attic inscriptions
PHI Greek Inscriptions
This module illustrates the database of Greek inscriptions created by the Packard Humanities Institute (PHI) and its search functions
This module illustrates the Claros database, which allows you to quickly track re-editions and translations of Greek inscriptions published over the last century and provides concordances among epigraphic corpora
This module illustrates the database Axon - Greek Historical Inscriptions, which offers a digital selection of Greek inscriptions with particular historical relevance
Digital Resources for Epigraphy
This module illustrates the main databases for Greek and Latin Epigraphy to retrieve texts, images, concordances, indices and catalogues
Approaching papyri from different angles: content, materiality and history
Encode Winter School (Würzburg)
EAGLE dedicated services and their educational potential
This presentation was delivered within a one day workshop on the educational application and social impact of digital scholarly editions (DiXiT workshop: The educational and social impact of Digital Scholarly Edition, organized by Digilab and DiXiT network). It illustrates the main tools of the EAGLE Europeana platform and some projects, which highlight how digital epigraphic projects can be used in secondary school for dissemination of knowledge about inscriptions as cultural heritage
Digital Gazetteers
This presentation offers a general introduction to historical gazetteers and deals with important issues such as the modelling of places, contributions and data sharing, with particular attention to the Pleiades Project, the Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire and Recogito

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